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Year 2 Music Assembly

Choir Club Assembly 2016

Year 2 Africa Themed Assembly 2015

Year 2 Activity Afternoon - Maypole Dancing 2015

Skip-hop Skipping Workshops and Display

Year 2 African Activity Afternoon 2014

What a wonderful afternoon of entertainment and activities! Please click on the play button above to view video clips of the children singing, drumming and Maypole dancing.

Please click on the play buttons below to view Year 2's African Dance & Drumming Performance with IROKO Theatre Group

Please click on the play buttons below to enjoy the children's pirate sea shanty's and Streetdance performance from our FROGS Pirates and Mermaids Funday!


Choir Club Animal Themed Assembly

My Money Week

Goldfield's 'My Money Week' Working Party visit a local bank to ask for a bank loan to provide them with the money to prepare for their fund raising 'My Money Week Tea and Celebration Afternoon' for a Charity. Please click on the play button below to view a video clip of their negotiations. Please click here to view more of the exciting activities the children enjoyed.

Grow a Pound

The money raised from this years 'Grow a Pound' activity will be helping a very special project in Goldfield. We are planning to update our ICT equipment and hope to purchase new computers and tablets! (Very Exciting!)

Please press on the play button below to view a short video clip featuring some of the imaginative ways the children found to 'Grow a Pound'.


Click the play button on the 'Lego Scientists' to hear some of our thoughts about Science! Please also click on Science Week to see some of the activities we enjoyed.



Goldfield enjoy a day with Day O Drums - Playing steel pans, singing and going on a Pirate Adventure! Please click the play button below to see more.

Goldfield Choir sing songs about 'Recycling'

My Money Week 'Money Songs'


Tom Billington and the Nursery class make a special song dedicated to Polly Peseverance!

Watch the 'Goldfield Learning Superheros' Song.

Goldfingers Garden Club make Ruby Recycler ready for the Apple Fayre 'Scarecrow in a Wheelbarrow' competition. Please click on the play button to watch a short video clip of the procession in which Ruby Recycler secured 1st place!

Watch some of the children's thoughts on 'Samuel Pepys' and the 'Great Fire of London'

Goldfield 2012 Olympic Closing Ceremony

Please click London 2012 Olympics to see more of our Olympic Events and Celebrations

Indian Classical Dance Assembly & Workshop


Living Eggs

Project Potato


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