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Sparkle Bear from New Zealand visits Goldfield

Animated Flag of New Zealand

Emblem of New Zealand

Photograph of Sparkle the Bear from New Zealand who is travelling around the world

Meet Sparkle Bear!

Animated Flag of New Zealand

Emblem of New Zealand

Map of Russell School Baker Street New Zealand Map of New Zealand Globe Animation


Children at Russell School in New Zealand sent Sparkle on a journey! The children attached a tag to Sparkle explaining that they would like Sparkle to travel around the world and asking anyone that found this bear to take it with them to another country, then to put it down or give it to someone travelling to another part of the world. If you are lucky to find Sparkle the children ask that an e-mail is sent to Russell School.

Photograph of Class RA with Sparkle

Sparkle Bear meets the Children!

Photograph of Sparkle Bear

In the half term break one of the children went to a wedding in Barcelona. A wedding guest from Columbia passed the bear on and now Sparkle has travelled to England!

I wonder where Sparkle will travel to next?

Photograph of Sparkle Bear
Earth Animation Photograph of Sparkle Bear Earth Animation

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