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In Their Own Words

Here are some comments from pupils, parents and grandparents

Comments from the community

  • Excellent - the meeting ... really made me feel confident about my son's Reception year.
    I wish I was 5 again. Karen (Parent)
  • I truly believe Goldfield School is a very special place, and feel so fortunate that Chloe has been lucky enough to enjoy her time at school with you. Debbie (Parent)
  • Oh! How I wish our granddaughter was at Goldfield. It feels like a magical place to be a six year old. Juliet (Grandparent)
  • I really enjoyed the wonderful atmostphere you have created and developed throughout the school; there is such an impression of colour and vitality enjoyed by the children, who are producing such good work. Kathleen (Retired Goldfield Headteacher) 
  • I couldn't have wished for a better school for my girls. Claudette (Parent) 
  • Thank you for a great school, a great staff and a great Headteacher. Peter (Parent) 

Comments from pupils

  • I like the teachers and how they teach you to count from 10 to 100. I also like playing in the big field with my friends. Jack
  • I like Goldfield School because I like my teacher, Mrs Sladden, and I have lots of friends. I like lunchtime because I get to play. I am very good at my work. Sammy
  • I like Mrs Stevens because the way she talks is nice. Ruby
  • I have made lots of new friends in the school and I really love the teachers Laurie
  • We have lovely dinner ladies, but I like the teachers best. School is triple earrings fun! Jake
  • We have a Rainbow Room: I like it so much, I want to stay there! Heidi
  • I like being at school and I like singing practice. Molly
  • I love my teachers and I like Goldfield School because I like the toys. I love the big trees. Joseph
  • The teachers are superstars. The school is brilliant and the classroom is so pretty; really pretty! Natalie
  • Goldfield is the best! We have lots of friends and I like our uniform. Lydia
  • We have got a lovely Home Corner. This is the best school! Sophia
  • I like doing P.E. on the apparatus. I really like the field. Bethany
  • The Goldfield teachers' clothes are nice. I like playing in the big Home Area. Rogue
  • It is fun; it is fabulous; it is fantasic. I like the plants. I like the whole school! Connor
  • It is brilliant. There is a nice nursery. Claudi-Lee
  • We have lunch. I like the dinner ladies. We have lots of friends. Jenny
  • Singing practice is fun. I have lots of friends. Ahmed
  • We've got Benjamin Bunny. We have lots of nice work. Amy
  • We have a beautiful library. I like the Home Corner best. Sophie
  • Goldfield is the best school in the world. Alfie

Quotes from our pupils

  • New Reception child talking to a Dinner Lady says, "Do all of you waitresses have stickers in your pockets?"
  • Amy in full dressing up clothes, including a rather nice flowered net hat, pointed to her head and said, "Have I got it on the right foot?"
  • As the firemen during fire practice turned the hose onto the trees, one little boy said, "Do you always save the trees first?"
  • Robert said to his teacher, "Mrs Smith were you the first person Jesus made?"
  • John said, "I know how to spell 'VERY' - I went on one for my holidays to France."
  • "4 is a lot, because it is older than 1."
  • The class was talking about measurement and the teacher asked, "What sort of measurements are there?".
    A boy replied "Drastic measures."
  • After being told off for kicking, Thomas said, "It's alright, I missed."
  • Teacher asked the question, "What does a carpenter do?".
    Child replies, "Lays carpets."
  • Having just been sick, Katy said, "Look, that's what I had for my dinner!"
  • 1st child "I'm a vegetarian".
    2nd child "I'm a vegetarian too",
    3rd child "I'm an Italian!".
  • I went to Isle of Wight for my holiday. I went on a ferry.
    Christopher was drawing his picture of a ferry with round windows, he continued:
    Actually, Mrs Rickman, I didn't go to the Isle of Wight on a ferry, I went all of the way on a canoe. Showing me his picture and pointing to the windows, he continued:
    See, the windows are round on canoes, not square like on a ferry. Don't tell mum though because she already knows.



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