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Foundation Stage Curriculum

Red Apple Tree Animation

The Nursery and Reception curriculum follows the Department for Education's guidance for the 'Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)'. This stage prepares the foundations for the National Curriculum that starts in Year 1. The children will experience activities through a topic-based approach.

Apple Animation Communication and Language

Apple Animation Physical Development

Apple AnimationPersonal, Social and Emotional Development

Apple Animation Literacy

Apple Animation Mathematics

Apple Animation Understanding the World

Apple Animation Expressive Arts and Design

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Apple Animation Communication and Language

Photograph of Children Communicating photograph of Communication Photograph of Children Communicating

A rich curriculum alongside a variety of environments (including stimulating role play areas, book corners, small world play and exploration in the outdoor areas) encourage the development of language and listening skills. Strong emphasis upon social interactions develops communication alongside close relationships.

Photograph of Communication Photograph of Communication Photograph of Communication


Apple AnimationPhysical Development

Photograph of Child Catching a Ball Photograph of Children Using Physical Skills Photograph of Speed Stacking

The children participate in activities that develop their control and co-ordination and their awareness of space and others. Their fine manipulative skills are increased by using a variety of tools, within a range of creative activities and small construction play. They use a range of small and large equipment and balancing and climbing apparatus, inside and in the outside areas.

Apple Animation Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Photograph of Children having a Picnic Photograph of Children Playing Together in the Sand Photograph of Children Playing Together

The children learn to work, to play and to co-operate with each other. We provide a warm, secure environment where children are valued, feel happy and confident. There are opportunities for children to work alone and in small and large groups. Role-play is particularly encouraged and the home corner is regularly changed.

Apple Animation Literacy

Photograph of Nursery Library Visit Photograph of Children Reading Photograph of Literacy (World Book Day)

Through a variety of activities the children's ability to listen attentively, communicate and develop an interest in stories and books is supported and extended. A rich variety of books, audiotapes, puppets, storysacks and other resources are used to make stories come alive.

Photograph of Children Reading Photograph of Child Writing a Story Using Symbols Photograph of Phonics Lesson


Apple AnimationMathematics

Photograph of Children Counting Milks for Snack Time Photograph of Child Matching and Continuing a Sequence Photograph of Nursery Farmers Market

This area of learning includes counting, sorting, matching, seeking patterns, making connections, recognising relationships and working with numbers, shapes, space and measures. The children participate in counting songs, stories, rhymes, games and imaginative play, so that the children enjoy using and experimenting with numbers.

Photograph of Children Problem Solving Photograph of Children Working With Bricks Photograph of Children Working Together to Solve a Maths Problem


Apple Animation Understanding the World

Photograph of Children Exploring Photograph of Children Cooking Photograph of Children Clearing Leaves

The children are given opportunities to observe, predict, explore, investigate, discuss and make decisions and to extend vocabulary. The children carry out topic based activities. The experiences form the basis of their learning in Science, Design and Technology, History, Geography and Computing.

Photograph of Children Exploring a Sunflower Photograph of Children Exploring Water Photograph of Children Exploring Nature


Apple AnimationExpressive Arts and Design

Photograph of Child Painting Photograph of Children Hand Painting Photograph of Child Cutting

This area of learning includes art, music, dance, role-play and imaginative play. Through creative activities the children handle a range of materials, experiencing texture, colour and form. The children have the opportunity to experiment and create freely and participate in organised activities. The opportunity to explore sound is provided through weekly music sessions.


Photograph of Foundation Stage ApplesPhotograph of Foundation Stage ApplesPhotograph of Foundation Stage Apples

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